Art for Heart & Home: Rustica Gift & Pottery

by pam abrahamsson

Art for Heart & Home: Rustica Gift & Pottery

Art for Heart & Home:  Rustica Gift & Pottery

Rustica Gift & Pottery is committed to preserving the Talavera pottery tradition & improving the lives of children through the sale of stunning artisan craft

Rustica Gift & Pottery is committed to the preservation of the centuries-old tradition of Mexican Talavera pottery through the sale of a carefully-curated collection of pottery pieces reflecting the best of this beautiful art form.

Art for the Heart & Home:  
Our Commitment is to Artisan Beauty & Social Impact

The Rustica Gift & Pottery studio artisans hand-create fine tableware and home decor through the time-honored, labor-intensive Talavera pottery-making process.   These studios source only indigenous clays and paint minerals, using centuries-old paint & glazing techniques.  A  single piece of pottery can take up to three months to create.

Rustica is also commited to creating social impact  by helping the children in the Talavera artisan region.  We do this by donating a portion of proceeds from our sales to the non-profit  IPODERAC youth community organization.  IPODERAC has been  providing shelter, education and work-skills counseling to children throughout the artisan region of Puebla, Mexico for over 50 years.

The Studios:

Rustica Gift & Pottery represents Corona Talavera studio, one of only nine in the world designated as an authentic creator of the 500-year old Talavera pottery tradition, and from Santa Rosa Mayolica, a second-generation, woman-owned studio offering richly expressive, authentic Mayolica pottery work.  

In addition, Rustica Gift & Pottery showcases hand-finished pewter from a family-owned studio based in the colonial city of San Miguel de Allende.

Rustica Gift Pewter


  • Handcrafted, authentic artisan work

  • International design influences from Spain, Portugual, Italy & China 

  • Award-winnning work:  Internationally-renowned Talavera Maestro Cayetano Corona Gaspariano was awarded the honor of Grand Maestros Del Arte Popular Mexicano for his advocacy and mastery of the Talavera craft

  • Support for a nearly-vanished art form: Talavera production almost disappeared in the 1980's due to its rigorous artistic requirements and limited exposure to the world art markets

  • The durability of this fine craft; it is dishwasher and microwave safe, very useable

We're proud to support a 500 year old+ handcraft tradition by offering beautiful, original home decor and tableware that is art for your hear and home.

pam abrahamsson
pam abrahamsson


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