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Love, Artisan Style: My Funny Valentine

January 27, 2017

Love, Artisan Style:  My Funny Valentine

I have a confession to make:  the more lunar orbits I make around the planet, the less I like the stereotypical holiday must-do's:  credit card gifts at Christmas, de rigueur red roses for Valentines Day, chocolate bunnies for Easter (oh wait, hold up.  I want those chocolate bunnies).

Anyway, I think you know what I mean; gentleman, you might shudder at the thought of upcoming February 14, as it means you must drop a C-note on chocolate and roses, or bear the consequences.  Ladies, your sweetie may actually NOT want those red boxer briefs with the "too hot to handle" inscribed on them.  Hmmm...

How about if we do this?  Let's make a moment for our annual holiday expression of love.  Something offbeat - or on-beat, but done because you want to.

My sweetie loves to cook, maybe he'll fire up something delicious for me.  Which, in turn, would get me fired up.  Hint, hint, nudge, nudge if your'e reading this, my love.


Rustica Gift & Pottery Talavera Pottery Mayolica cooking

Well, well, well, TWO good looking things here:  My sweetie (xxoxo), and our fabulous Flores Mayolica Mexican Pottery Tureen & Servingware, getting filled up with some home-made curry.  I guess that makes THREE good looking things.


And, maybe I'll treat him to one of my artisan Talavera pottery pieces from our Rustica collection.  Yes, OF COURSE I'm completely partial.  At the same time, these gorgeous pieces (and I'm currently eyeing our classic Talavera Mexican pottery Mosaico collection, hand-crafted from locally-sourced clays and pigments) are each and every one hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, and perfect for a gourmet cook who loves creating authentic dining experiences.

So, maybe this year, it's going to be a "Love, Artisan Style" for my funny Valentine.  Because he loves to cook. And, thank the heavens, I love to eat ;-).

Rustica Gift & Pottery Talavera Mexican Pottery dinnerware plate Mosaico collection

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