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Rustica Talavera Pottery’s Cultural Communications Partner: MIXTA WORDS

May 14, 2017

Rustica Talavera Pottery’s Cultural Communications Partner:  MIXTA WORDS


Mixta founder Jodi Monroy Rustica Gift & Talavera Pottery


Remember when you were a kid, and you had to memorize something?  Homework, a poem, a book, lines for a play, your alphabet?  Did you practice the words simply to commit them to memory?  And, did the day come when you realized there was meaning to those words?  There was beauty to that poem, inspiration or anguish in that story, or the a-ha when you realized the funny sounds of the alphabet were the building block for everything you would write or read for the rest of your life?

That’s when the power of context and meaning sunk in.  It is precisely the value that Jodi Monroy, master cultural interpreter and founder of MIXTA WORDS, delivers to her clients across U.S. and Latin American cultures.

 You see, Jodi is much more than a fluent translator of Spanish to English and vice versa.  As a culturally conversant person who has spent much time in both the U.S. and Mexico, she brings a shared understanding and cultural relevancy to her work.  “Mixta,” which means “mixed” in Spanish, is Jodi’s mission: she seeks to promote cultural understanding and conversation through localization, the blending of concept and culture across Spanish and English-speaking cultures.

 From the viewpoint of the Rustica Gift & Talavera Pottery team, her genius unparalleled.  We’ve relied on her to not just simply interact and translate conversations between Rustica and our artisan partners.  She has been the steadying influence and an essential mentor in ensuring understanding and clarity between our Spanish speaking handcrafters and Rustica’s U.S. customer base.  Google’s translator, while handy enough for understanding random words, could never approach the understanding, nuance and diplomacy that Jodi and MIXTA WORDS bring to the table.

Jodi’s mission to launch MIXTA WORDS came to her through her work in the U.S. court systems; she was often called upon to help people traverse both social and legal procedures.  Jodi would see that, for these individuals, mere translation wasn’t enough.  They needed context and a sense of what came next.  This was as critical as the translation to our global community members from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and beyond.  From this experience MIXTA WORDS was born, and has been creating clarity and cultural understanding ever since.

Now, her dedication to opening  cultural doors has created even more opportunity.  She is directing the Beaverton Night Market, designed to allow the Pacific Northwest’s diverse population to showcase the crafts and foods of their culture.  She helps client companies achieve “localization,” the integration of culturally-accurate translation and custom into company offerings, and, of course, she makes time to be a wife and mother, ensuring she is there to help raise her young families when the school day is out.

Jodi Monroy of Mixta Words preparing to meet guests at Beaverton Night Market

Jodi Monroy of Mixta Words preparing to meet guests at Beaverton Night Market.

From cultural consulting, to translations, classes, seminars, and more across a variety of topic areas, Jodi’s MIXTA WORDS consultancy is a combination of excellence in knowledge, skill in interaction and caring for culture.

Contact:  Jodi Monroy

c: 503-453-5153


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