Talavera Pottery at Home with Contemporary Decor

by pam abrahamsson

Talavera Pottery at Home with Contemporary Decor

Talavera Pottery at Home with Contemporary Decor

Sleek, modern, contemporary home decor.  The spare minimalism, the cool lines; it's a striking backdrop to the most sophisticated city dweller. 

The only catch?  It takes a keen eye and a deft design hand to ensure that a cleanly iconic look doesn't veer into somewhat cold or impersonal territory.

One design secret to ensure an inviting yet modern space?  

A dash of warmth from an unexpected source, something to add an unexpected dose of color in an otherwise neutral palette.

Talavera pottery, the original, hand-created Mexican pottery found in museums and private collections around the world, is a surprisingly satisfying source.

The key to personalizing a coolly contemporary living space without looking jarring or kitschy revolve around three key steps:

1. Be bold - but limit the space 

A stunning splash of color can completely wake up an interior, but the adage "less is more" is the key.  Note our Mexican pottery (an original Mayolica-glaze piece) sits front and center on the mantel, but only there.

2. Pick your color wisely

Don't throw in strong color, only to follow up with a pastel or mid-range.  The muted neutral of a contemporary room invites accent, but pick wisely and with fuerte (force)!

3. Quality  

The artisan original piece doesn't have to be expensive, but it should be of excellent quality.  It's will be a focal point, so don't draw your guests' eye to something which won't stand the scrutiny. Of course, if it's something with authentic history, cultural significance - or the ultimate watershed - you just simply love it, well, be my guest!

Of course, I would argue that an item with those heart-warming, culture-grabbing characteristics is the true hallmark of quality, so, select away.

For example, the Talavera pottery of our online gallery, Rustica Gift & Pottery, is hand-curated to feature only the most authentic pottery pieces from Mexico.  Our Talavera pottery artisans have been creating their masterpieces for generations, using only hand-made paints and glazes, so the purity of color and quality of workmanship is extraordinary.  Yet, most pieces are well under $100, so the quality/price ratio works.

Contemporary decor Talavera Pottery and Pewter of Mexico Rustica Gift

OK.  Go have fun adding a dash of color and warmth to your contemporary decor home.  Create that focal point, have fun with color, and create an ambience that is uniquely you, knowing the three principles of limited space, wise color choice and quality in selection will deliver the delight you're looking for.


pam abrahamsson
pam abrahamsson


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