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Zen and the Holiday Coffee Break

December 06, 2016

Zen and the Holiday Coffee Break

Photo Credit Ian Stout Photography

The Best Non-Advice You'll Get This Season

Are you alone right now?  I mean, can we talk?  Great; if that's the case, I'm going to give you the ONLY how-to tip you're gonna find here.  I'm going to advise you to stop ALL of your holiday must-do's, pour yourself a nice, steamy mug of whatever you're craving, pop open a bag of biscotti that (spoiler alert!) someone else made - commercial or otherwise, and just set for awhile.

Yep, that's it.  No advice from me on creating the perfect dinner, gift, decor, holiday cookies.  Because you still have days to go before the Big Event, and I bet you're already so tired you're fresh out of enthusiasm for everything.  Even that big sprig of mistletoe isn't so inspiring right now (and you KNOW how much fun that is)!

So, this is my gift to you.  A big, fresh, steaming mug of relaxation, and absolutely nothing to learn, organize, or get inspired by.

Stop wishing you had whatever gene all of those amazing go-getters you keep hearing about; the one that keeps them so busy crocheting pine tree warmers or organizing a sit down dinner for 100 on a weeknight.  They don't get to stop and smell the coffee, and what a shame that is, right?

Remember,  the best gift you can give those who love you is your happy self.  And, if your happy self emerges while custom-embossing your hand made gift wrap, why - by all means knock yourself out.

But it could be your happy self will also enjoy the serenity of a lovely coffee break, and a few minutes of quiet time, and not trying to do EVERYTHING those fabulous holiday how-to articles suggest.  Why, you might find that mistletoe looking pretty inviting after all.

And wouldn't that be the best gift ever - for your loved ones and yourself?  So, enjoy yourself this holiday season, but remember that time to savor special moments are the best gift of all.

In case you don't have that perfect mug standing by for your zen coffee break moment, our beautiful hand-crafted Talavera pottery mug from our new "Amapola" collection is waiting for you here.

 Rustica Gift & Pottery Talavera Coffee Mug Italian style pottery Amapola collection




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