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Spring Gifts & Majolica Pottery: Welcome to a Gentler Season

March 16, 2017

Spring Gifts & Majolica Pottery: Welcome to a Gentler Season

The Gentle Season

It has been a hard winter, hasn't it?  And yes, it's still with us, but - we've all seen those small, umistakable signs that the cold is receding, and warmer, gentler times are ahead.

And, while I'm talking about the weather, I'm talking about something more, too.  I'm talking about us.  Harsh weather can be hard on the soul; it can make us a little more introspective, a little less likely to smile, maybe a tad to quick to rush to judgment.

It's understandable.  For every moment in which I've savored a hot cup of coffee snuggled up in my favorite sweater, I've had a crankier version of me that's been less than patient in the grocery checkout, or when there's yet another muddy footprint in the hall.

That's when I turn to those lovely signs of Spring's arrival to cheer me up.  I'll grab a pastel or bright color from the closet (anything but grey and black!), make a salad chock full of vibrant veggies, or read about a tropical get-away.  My body may still be here in Winter, but no reason my mind can't escape to a balmier locale.

I also find our wonderful family of artisan handcraft fans turn to our Mayolica collection (OK, the world knows it as "Majolica," but in the colonial regions of Mexico where our artisans make these pieces by hand, "Mayolica" reigns supreme.  Who am I to argue with such maestros?).

Our Majolica/Mayolica is created with a loving focus on flowers, birds, butterflies; all the welcoming, beautiful signs of Spring that we all need.  The colors are vibrant, yet soft and almost Renaissance-like. 

I reach for a favorite mug, or put a few pieces of our Mayolica Mexican pottery on my table, and then I stand back and watch the smiles begin.




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