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Fruta Verde Mayolica

The Fruta Verde Mayolica Collection

Eve might have thought that offering up an apple was the key to hospitality; we're more inclined to think yourRustica Gift & Pottery Mayolica FrutaVerde Collection guests will love the rich, vivid colors and appetizing presentation of this gorgeous collection of hand-painted Mayolica pottery.

Some say peaches, we say persimmons; either way, this lovely collection will satisfy your appetite for original art in your home and on your table.

About Santa Rosa Mayolica

Spanning several generations and 45 years, Santa Rosa is the distinctive creator of a one-of-a-kind approach to the Mayolica pottery tradition.  The family behind Santa Maria Mayolica proudly offers hand-produced, one-of-a-kind pieces; each an original, each made exclusively in the Santa Rosa artisan tradition.

The pieces you see are created from indigenous clay pulled from the local land, and painstakingly formed and fired by artisans; many of who are also following generations of family tradition as artisans.  The hand-painted detail are classic studio designs, and all created to share the beauty of Mexican hospitality, traditions and culture.

The fired pieces are then sketched and painted completely by hand, using the finest quality pigments hand-created and using local minerals.  Finally, the pieces are fired and glazed again with a special technique which ensures luster, durability and fine craftsmanship.  Each piece is signed by the studio, your guarantee of an original piece of Santa Rosa Mayolica fine art pottery.

All pieces are lead-free, diningware is dishwasher safe; we recommend hand-washing for the larger or more intricate collection items.