Artisan Craftsmanship. Each piece a singular work of art.

Rustica Soap Collection: Handmade Sandalwood Citrus Oil Soap Bar

Rustica Gift & Pottery's natural handmade vegan sandalwood citrus soap bar features organic ingredients.



Rustica's all-natural Citrus & Sandalwood vegan eco-friendly soap is a much-loved choice for those seeking a very subtle citrus and slight spice scent (and we find this to be a popular choice with gentlemen as well). Each bar is fresh, good for your skin and with only the lightest of natural scents from the organic essential oils. In addition to the essential oils, these soaps are made with quality ingredients that ensure a rich sudsy experience.


Soy shortening, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba, water, sodium hydroxide, titanium dioxide, essential oil.

Each batch of hand-made soap is custom made from non-certified organic ingredients, and there will be slight variances in color in each batch.


5.3 ounces


3" x 3" c 1.1" (sizes can vary, each bar is hand-cut)

Freshness Date

Use by February 2020 for optimum freshness.  Yes, we keep it fresh here at Rustica Gift & Pottery.