Artisan Craftsmanship. Each piece a singular work o

Keepsake Jewelry & Trinket Box Collection: Perfecto Adobe Onyx

Exclusive Collection:  Hand-Crafted in Mexico

Our Perfecto jewelry, trinket and keepsake box is a study in patient, hand-crafted beauty. A highlight of our Tesoro collection.

Designed and created by San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Artesana Ruth Cortez Hernandez, each box in our collection is completely hand shaped, etched and tooled.  

The box is lovingly created from Alpaca Silver, lined with quality velvet, and Senora Hernandez hand-picks and polishes the stones she uses as the finishing touch to her masterwork.  

Our "Adobe" stone jewelry box feature a beautiful rose/adobe-colored onyx stone, polished to a high, cabochon sheen.

Each box is custom-crafted and one-of-a-kind; your purchase will have variations in stone shape, engraving and tooling patterns.

Dimensions:  3"w x 8"L l x 2"h 

What is Alpaca Silver?

Alpaca Silver is not traditional sterling, it is a blend of nickel, copper and zinc.  It is used frequently across Europe and Latin America, as it is sturdy, lustrous and holds its sheen without tarnishing.  Other names around the world for this beautiful metal is Nickel silver, Mailechort, German silver, Argentan, new silver, nickel brass, albata, alpacca, and more.