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History of Talavera Pottery in Mexico

Rustica Gift and Pottery Talavera Mexican Pottery History

Centuries of Beauty, Almost Lost

Talavera pottery's journey has taken centuries, and has traversed the globe. The stunningly beautiful artwork known to us today as the Talavera pottery of Mexico comes from a tradition spanning centuries and continents.  Yet, the history and handcraft   we know as today's Mexican Talavera pottery was almost lost to us forever after its early emergence in the 16th century.

In the 1980's, the craft had almost vanished, as the painstaking process of harvesting the indigenous clay, hand-forming the local minerals into paints and the beautiful hand-painting characteristic of this pottery was simply too time-consuming for the artisans.

 To hold one of these hand-crafted pieces of art, made from only the finest indigenous clays and hand-ground mineral paints, is to understand you are the steward of something truly noteworthy.  We are grateful to do our small part towards keeping this beauty and craftsmanship vital.

Master Craftsmanship, Global Heritage

The pottery traces its heritage to the 12th century Moors, although influences have been documented from destinations as far-flung as Italy, China and Spain over the years.  However, it was the monks of La Reyna de la Talavera, Spain, who created the distinctive pottery style which most strongly influenced the Mexican artisans, and the work we know today as Mexican Talavera. 

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Talavera in Mexico

The monks brought Talavera tiles with them from Spain as they traveled across Mexico building their monasteries.  The craftsmen of Colonial Mexico absorbed these influences, and soon far exceeded their work, creating the noteworthy patterns and rich, striking colors associated with today’s Talavera. By the 16th Century, the pottery artisans of Mexico’s colonial region were creating these unparalleled pieces of their own.

Today, the best of this work still comes from this region, and it is only these studios we represent in our online gallery. You'll also find original Talavera and Mayolica pottery displayed in museums and in leading Latin American private art collections the world over.

Authentic Talavera

True Talavera and Mayolica pieces only use clay indigenous to the region, and are always hand-thrown on a potter's wheel, then painted and glazed by master craftsmen.  The studio of La Corona, represented by us, hand-packs their clay, and even walks over it to ensure the dense, even, compacted texture that meets their exacting standards. Authentic Talavera pottery pieces will also have a solidly satisfying ringing sound when pinged with your fingers, and are hand signed by the studio artisans. While there are many imitators, once a person has experienced the beautiful colors, rich glaze and pleasingly durable weight of an authentic piece of this handcrafted art object, tableware or dining set, nothing else will do.  

There are only a handful of studios in Mexico which truly operate to the highest standards of original Talavera production, using local clays, indigenous glazes and time-tested hand-created products.  Only nine studios in the world have earned the prestigious Denominación de Origen de la Talavera designation, of which our La Corona Talavera Studio is one.

These items can take months to create, and will never be mass-produced and available in your local mega- emporium. To own a piece of Talavera and Mayolica pottery is to own history, hand-crafted artisanship and a beautiful statement of your support for the world's finest pottery artisans. 

 The Rustica Gift & Pottery Premiere Collection

We've collected the best designs from centuries of beautiful, functional craftsmanship so it can be yours, affordably so. From home decor to dinnerware or treasured gift, Talavera & Mayolica pottery's vibrant colors, lustrous glaze and surprising durability are the result of generations of artisan craftsmanship. Each certified, signed piece of genuine Talavera pottery comes to you as hand-crafted art, representing generations of craftsmanship. 

We Are Proud


We are proud to have created an entirely new shopping experience for your home and life: Tableware, dining sets, pottery and home décor created as usable, affordable art, enjoyed for generations to come.  We hope you love the history and beauty as much as we do.