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History of Mexican Talavera and Greek Minoan Pottery


Centuries of Beauty, Almost Lost

Talavera pottery's journey has taken centuries, and has traversed the globe. The stunningly beautiful artwork known to us today as the Talavera pottery of Mexico comes from a tradition spanning centuries and continents.  Yet, the history and handcraft   we know as today's Mexican Talavera pottery was almost lost to us forever after its early emergence in the 16th century.

In the 1980's, the craft had almost vanished, as the painstaking process of harvesting the indigenous clay, hand-forming the local minerals into paints and the beautiful hand-painting characteristic of this pottery was simply too time-consuming for the artisans.

 To hold one of these hand-crafted pieces of art, made from only the finest indigenous clays and hand-ground mineral paints, is to understand you are the steward of something truly noteworthy.  We are grateful to do our small part towards keeping this beauty and craftsmanship vital.




Rustica Gift History of Mexico's Talavera Pottery



The Island of Crete, Home to Beauty, History & Contemporary Dinnerware Design

Minoan pottery is another ancient craft, reflecting history, the values of a culture, astonishingly contemporary design and a deep commitment to beauty, symmetry and nature.  

However, where the beauty of Talavera traveled across countries and cultures, the fine art of Minoan pottery stayed largely within its home on the Crete Island.  Instead, this beautiful handcraft evolved over millennium into different periods of design, each reflecting the cultural influences of its time.




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