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Oh You - Artistic Reflections and Talavera Pottery

Rustica Gift & Pottery Oh You

Trend-setter?  Well...not on purpose.

You're just the original, artistic, broke-the-mold-when-they-made-you person.

You are simply endlessly curious, ready to be delighted, and in a world of mass-produced efficiency, appreciative of the handcraft of the patiently-talented and artistically-gifted. 

You don't look to entertain lavishly, you just entertain well. 

Rustica Talavera Pottery Aguacate Mexican Pottery Contemporary Pewter

Featuring our original Talavera Pottery Aguacate Collection, and our Contemporary Pewter Coral Tray Collection

With heart, originality, and a caring hospitality that makes your guests purr with contented delight.  And, if the things you purchase help make the better place; through sustainable design or the ability to help others, well - you're all in, aren't you?

Not frivolous or frugal, you long ago found yourself bored with the cookie-cutter chic of chain store emporiums; yet not ready to sacrifice the college fund or your dream vacation for pricey tableware and home decor.

Oh you...will love the beauty, handcraft, originality and quality of the Rustica Gift & Pottery collection of artisan-created Talavera & Mayolica pottery, plates and dinnerware.

Original art pieces at reachable prices, that does a world of good

With a pedigree that spans centuries and continents, colonial Mexico's pottery masters will surprise, delight and charm with their creations.  Each and every piece is hand made, signed by the studio, and yet, imminently practical:  lead-free, dishwasher safe and heat-resistant.  Even better, every purchase helps sustain a generations-long tradition of sustainable, artisan handcraft, while proceeds from every purchase go to help the children of the artisan's community.




Usable quality to pass from generation to generation that makes a difference.  The only real question now is:  to hang on the wall or use on the table?  That is the dilemma, and the delight, of authentic Talavera & Mayolica pottery from Mexico.  We hope you find yourself as in love with this beautiful pottery as we are.  

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