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Mexico's Finest Talavera Pottery | Artisanal & Social Impact

Mexican Talavera Pottery

Our authentic Mexican Talavera pottery is handmade by artisans honoring traditions passed down through generations.  Featuring the mastery of centuries; the beauty of color for today’s contemporary home décor, our authentic Talavera pottery pieces are masterful examples of Mexican pottery-making at it’s best.

Every Piece of Mexican Talavera Pottery:  Artisan-Made

Every Mexican Talavera pottery creation we sell is a unique piece, made by artists from locally sourced-clay in Colonial Mexico using time-honored methods. Authentic Talavera pottery has a deep, lustrous color and finish, with a thick, satisfying feel that cannot be duplicated by mass-produced pieces. You can tell the difference when you touch our quality creations, and each Talavera pottery sale helps the region’s children to a better life. We proudly offer our Talavera to homeowners, interior designers, and those seeking social impact through the purchase of authentic artisan craft.

Mexican Talavera Pottery From Rustica Gift & Pottery

  • Our Talavera pieces are handcrafted masterpieces created with traditional materials and techniques
  • Each Talavera creation is a one-of-a-kind piece of sustainable art
  • Every pottery piece is signed by the artist
  • We offer both traditional and contemporary Talavera pottery designs
  • At Rustica Gift & Pottery, we are proud to work with homeowners, designers, and other commercial vendors
Real handmade Talavera pottery adds traditional, unique beauty to your decor. Centuries in the making, our Talavera products are created using family-honored methods handed down through the centuries. This fine pottery is functional, beautiful, and makes a statement that you appreciate the exclusive qualities of traditional art. Our Talavera offers functional beauty as well, it is dishwasher safe and certified lead-free. It's true that you can find cheaper, mass-produced pottery labeled as "Talavera," but these are no substitute for the tactile, organic, satisfying allure that our pieces offer connoisseurs with discerning taste. We are proud to offer traditional and contemporary designs to complement or add flair to your decor.

Talavera Art - A Tradition Centuries In The Making

While Talavera pottery is associated with Mexico today, its storied origins can be traced to the 12th century. The distinctive, modern Mexican Talavera style was refined in La Reyna De La Talavera, Spain before being brought to Colonial Mexico where craftsmen learned the techniques to create the striking designs and rich colors the pottery is known for. As the pottery making traditions were passed on to subsequent generations of artisans, it was further refined and evolved into what we recognize today as distinctly 'Talavera.'

What Exactly Qualifies As Authentic Talavera Pottery?

For a piece of pottery to truly qualify as authentic Talavera, it must be made from clay indigenous to the region in which it is created. This clay is then hand-thrown on a potter's wheel before being adorned with paints made from local minerals. The finest of these earn the prestigious Denominación de Origen de la Talavera classification from Mexico; our Corona Talavera artisan studio is one of only nine in the world to meet this exacting criteria. The difference between an authentic Talavera piece of pottery and an imitation is palpable. To the eye, authentic Talavera is rich with color and glaze. To the touch, it is solid and satisfying, offering a pleasing ringing sound when pinged with the fingers. Honest Talavera pieces take months to create, and no two creations are ever alike. Your handcrafted pottery shows that you value the workmanship of some of the finest artisans working today. Talavera

Why Choose Talavera From Rustica Gifts & Pottery?

The Talavera products we sell are authentic works of art that can be used and enjoyed as tableware or home decor. The history and beauty of this pottery is distinctive, so we only work with artisans that employ traditional, time-honored techniques. Every piece we sell is signed by the artisan, proving its authenticity and distinctiveness. Talavera la Corona is one of two studios we are proud to work with. As an International Award winner, Corona's traditional patterns reflect the most recognizable (and copied) forms of Talavera art. The other pottery studio with which we work, Mayolica Santa Rosa, offers contemporary creations made with traditional materials and methods. As an all-woman owned Mexican business, their unique inspiration offers a Renaissance touch to the Talavera art they design. Hand-painted flowers and butterflies offer a distinctive spin to traditional Talavera art, so if you desire something truly out-of-the-ordinary, this may be the perfect pottery creator for you. We not only value the workmanship of these artisans, but we understand the importance of their work. This is why we partner with a non-profit Mexican indigenous youth home that ensures they get the education and skill-training they need to thrive. By donating a portion of our proceeds to this organization, we give back to the people who bring the beautiful Talavera art to your home or office.

We Partner With Vendors And Interior Designers

If you are a professional that works with clients searching for a statement piece, with discerning tastes, or who simply appreciates distinctive art pieces, we are happy to work with you to help satisfy your customers. Authentic Talavera pottery offers homeowners a tactile work of art that can be enjoyed through functional daily use, or as a centerpiece for any room, both large and small. The story behind these pottery pieces is centuries in the making, and provide a focal point for conversations that revolve around the history and craftsmanship that go into their creation. When it comes to decorating a home or office, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect piece to bring various elements together into a cohesive whole. By offering traditional and contemporary Talavera options, we give designers the freedom to keep their clients satisfied. If you would like to know more about our pottery, we can supply you with materials designed to educate Talavera enthusiasts about the differences between our handmade works of art and mass-produced imitations.

Rustica Gift & Pottery - There Is No Substitute For Authenticity

Owning a piece of authentic Talavera pottery is owning hand-crafted history. At Rustica Gift & Pottery, every piece of pottery in our extensive collection is a signed original work of art, reflecting centuries of artisanship and found nowhere else but the colonial region of Northern Mexico. Browse our selection and find the perfect piece for your home or office, or contact us today if you have any questions.