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The Photographers

Rustica Gift Photographers


Talent Meets Heart

Good photography doesn't just simply capture an image; it tells a story, shares a feeling; and can give you a glimpse of beauty, sorrow and hope. 

Which is why Rustica Gift & Pottery is humbled and proud to have two of the Pacific Northwest region's finest photographers lend a hand, and their lens, to the visual storytelling behind two important missions here at Rustica Gift & Pottery. 

We are happy to introduce you to them, and invite you to visit their websites and learn more about how they see the world through the lens of their cameras:

Teri Briggs: Product Photographer 

Teri Briggs Photographer BLT ProductionsTeri's company, BLT Productions, is focused on creating photography, managing events and promoting music for a cause; delivering social impact through the creative venture is where her heart and soul live. Her photo journalism has taken  her to Rwanda, Burundi, New York, and through the clubs and corners of Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. 

Teri has agreed to share her expertise as Rustica's "storyteller through  a lens" because she believes in the importance of preserving heritage  crafts and the  culture of a community.

Capturing the hand-crafted  beauty of Talavera and Mayolica Pottery so this craftsmanship and legacy will continue to is a mission she  is happy to  support, and we are fortunate to have her help.To see more of her work, and the causes she supports, please visit: BLT  Productions

Max Davis: The "Make a Difference" Photographer

When you've traveled the globe, capturing photography for the world's leading Fortune 500 companies, it would be easy to get complacent, or to simply enjoy the fruits of your hard work. 

Max Davis Photographer Marketing BrandingThat would not be, Max Davis, however; founder of Max Davis Company, a graphic design, branding, marketing, photography and storytelling agency. 

Max generously lent his time, talent and world-class photography skills to the monumental project of capturing the mission, heart, soul and hope of IPODERAC, the not-for-profit organization which helps the homeless children of Puebla, Mexico's Talavera-producing capital, have a safe place to live, chance to get an education, learn a skill, and most importantly, feel loved.

Max visited the IPODERAC compound just outside of Puebla and produced an incredible visual story of the children and the resilience and hope they bring to their life they've built with the dedicated IPODERAC team.

Max Davis Photography Marketing Branding

Max was happy to see this organization have what he calls "digital assets" to help tell their story. 

We're thinking the term "digital assets" just doesn't do justice.

We say he's created a collection of photos to make you smile, shed a tear, be inspired, and hopefully, feel the call to action to help this 50 year-old organization continue their story of success for Puebla's needy street children. 

Visit the Max Davis Company to see how he can help tell your story, and see samples of his work here.