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Contemporary: Spun-Finished Pewter Charger

The Pewter Collection: Rough-Hewn Charger

Rustica Gift & Pottery's beautifully rough-hewn 12" charger brings an appealingly matte-finished appeal to your table. This classic Mexican Pewter charger is hand-finished, and designed to pair perfectly with your Talavera and Mayolica dinner plates. Functional and gorgeous.

Hand-crafted with the use of custom-made forms, the Rustica Gift & Pottery line of pewter is imported from a family-owned studio in Mexico's craft-and-tradition-rich Guanajuato region. Our studio has been custom-making their pewter for over 25 years, with daughter Jalal now overseeing their excellent craftsmanship.

Today's Mexican pewter is the perfect combination of durability, ease-of-care and beauty. Largely aluminum in composition, your Pewter purchase will not tarnish, and never needs polishing. It is lightweight, and will hold its lustrous shine forever. These items are not intended for direct oven use however; we suggest not heating over 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

The combination of traditional and contemporary designs, and vibrant silver makes these collectible pieces a match made in heaven for your Talavera or Mayolica pottery collection.