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Rustica Gift & Pottery Non Profit Partner IPODERAC

Helping Children, Supporting Community.

We are proud  to partner with IPODERACInstituto Poblano de Readaptacion Children's Fund, in support of their mission to deliver critically needed housing, education and job training services to Puebla's street children.   For over 50 years, IPODERAC has mentored and cared for the region's at-risk children, helping hundreds of the community's youth to thrive and go on to full and productive lives.

We are honored to support their mission by donating a portion of proceeds from our sales to their program.  To date, we've donated an average of 5% of proceeds to the organization.

IPODERAC children's program, a Rustica Gift & Pottery PartnerFor over 50 years, IPODERAC has been meeting this need for a safe, secure environment in which young, homeless boys can grow and flourish.  

Soon, with your help, the young girls of the area will have this same security and opportunity to succeed in life.


The rising need for the area's young girls to have access to safe, comfortable and positive shelter and education has inspired IPODERAC to launch a campaign to establish an IPODERAC Program for Girls.

 IPODERAC child - non profits making a difference in boys' lives

You can be a part of the positive change, and the new opportunity these children have in front of them.

Your part in creating positive change is as simple as your purchase here.  Yet, we invite you to do more, and be an ongoing part of this positive change for at-risk children.

More Ways to Help                                                          

There's so many ways you can helpsponsor children's school tuition, purchase one of their world-famous goat soap  products made on the IPODERAC premises, or donate directly.

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IPODERAC Helping Children Thrive