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The Artisans

Rustica Gift & Pottery Artisans

The Talavera & Mayolica Artisans of Rustica

The artists featured in the gallery of Rustica Gift & Pottery are singular talents, and we are proud to have the honor of featuring their work in our collections.

One studio, Talavera la Corona, led by an established maestro of Talavera whose pioneering artistry has won international awards and recognition.  

Our other select studio, Mayolica Santa Rosa, is pioneering in another, equally important way; as a female-founded and operated business, Santa Rosa provides inspiration, leadership and a uniquely Renaissance touch to the art they create.

Both studios, however, capture the centuries-old tradition of beautiful design, quality workmanship and rich color which is the hallmark of every piece of certified authentic Talavera or Mayolica pottery piece. 

Rustica Gift & Pottery Maestro Cayetano Corona Gaspariano

La Corona Talavera Maestro Cayetano Corona Gaspariano

Leading the industry in design and revival of ancient craft

Some artisans produce pottery; others create legend. So it is with every piece of La Corona Talavera, designed by hand under the watchful eye of studio founder and Talavera Maestro Cayetano Corona Gaspariano. 

Designated one of the Grand Maestros del Arte Popular Mexicano, Don Gaspariano’s studio is the only one in the region to have earned Mexico’s prestigious, Denominación de Origen de la Talavera, awarded to only nine studios in the world in recognition of quality, use of indigenous materials and classic designs true to its 16th century heritage.

Every piece you purchase is hand-created, featuring original artisan painting, and using indigenous, natural clays and mineral pigments, and has gone through many steps to ensure craftsmanship, quality and a lifetime of beauty.  

To hold a piece of La Corona Talavera is to hold history, and an item lovingly crafted by generations of artisans in the birthplace of this beautiful tradition.

It is durable, lead-free, dish-washer safe, and signed by the studio artisan.

Rustica Gift & Pottery Maria del Carmen Aguilera Salazar

Mayolica Santa Rosa's Maria del Carmen Aguilera Salazar

Excellence, Creativity & Business Inspiration in Women-Owned Enterprise

With over 45 years of experience, and spanning three generations of family, Mayolica Santa Rosa is a pioneering example of women-driven artistry in the field of fine pottery creation.   Continuing the work of Santa Rosa and her mother, Maria del Carmen Aguilera Salazar today uses her artistry, rigorous training and business savvy to continue the work of her forebears.

The Santa Rosa artisans use local minerals to create their richly-beautiful paints and glazes, and every step is looked over by Maria Salazar, the founder’s granddaughter, to ensure the quality, tradition and the family’s pride in craftsmanship are evident in every piece.

In their village studio, a small group of artisans work to turn the region’s rich clay into beautiful, hand-crafted pieces of pottery. 

Their wish is to produce useful but lovely heirlooms to beautify spaces and emphasizing Mexican daily life, culture, and traditions.  You'll see a richly-evocative look and feel to every piece, yet they are practical, and meant to be enjoyed on your table and in your home.