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The Fabulous People Series: Meet Jodi

March 29, 2015

The Fabulous People Series:  Meet Jodi

The people who make Rustica Gift & Pottery are as fabulous, unique and irreplaceable as the handcrafted Talavera and Mayolica pottery and pewter pieces we offer.  As part of an occasional series, we’re happy to introduce you to these awesomely original individuals.

First up is Jodi Monroy, the talented, patient and diplomatic translator for Rustica; the “bridge” to our Spanish-speaking artisans, and a passionate advocate for global culture, communities, and the things Rustica Gift & Talavera Pottery translator Jodi Monroywhich feed the heart, body and soul.

Jodi Monroy: The Voice of Rustica 

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Jodi Monroy and I am delighted to be a part of the language/international communication and relationship building arm of Rustica Gift &  Pottery’s fantastic team!

My language and culture journey began almost twenty years ago when a persistant young fellow from the central highland of Mexico (Santiago de Querétaro, to be exact) charmed me with the melodic tunes of his flamenco guitar. ¡Ay, qué sabor!

I began in earnest to soak up every bit of knowledge that I could about the Spanish language and the enormous varieties of cultures that speak it.

After spending an extended time in Querétaro and receiving a dual degree from Portland State University, we started a family. In 2006 My husband and I, and our four kids embarked on an adventurous journey that led us to purchase a small piece of land outside of Querétaro. We lived there on and off while I worked for the University of Washington Office of Research.

Returning to the US, my sights were set on retuning to my roots. Growing up on an orchard in the Willamette Valley, agriculture and community were top priorities. Armed with the tools for communication with the very people that lovingly cultivate our food, I began an era of service, serving as a medical interpreter, legal translator a literacy volunteer at a local Spanish Immersion school and a safeguard of agricultural workers' health.

 In 2011 I began working with the the Beaverton Farmers Market with the personal goal of increasing the availability and presence of the Latino population at the market. You can find me there every Saturday and look for our annual Fiesta Latina in the late summer.

In 2012 I founded Mixta Words, a Spanish <> English translation and interpreting company that provides superior translation, interpreting and content localization (Mexico, Central America and the islands) as well as cultural  education for small to medium businesses, organizations and individuals, with the goal of creating bridges of communication through a culturally mixed world.

 I've done a variety of work for both businesses and non-profits as well as becoming increasingly involved in local government organizations such the Beaverton Diversity Advisory Committee.

When I am not here at Rustica Gift or Mixta Words, you can find me and my family exploring all things outdoors in the (often wet and soggy) Pacific Northwest or playing with our dogs and chickens at our Rustica Gift & Talavera Pottery translator Jodi Monroy and familyhome in Portland, Oregon.

A favorite picture of mine, my husband and our two children, out enjoying a hike in the beautiful, green Pacific Northwest day.

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