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Artisan + Modern Home Decor: Three equals One Talavera Pottery Strategy

April 07, 2017

Artisan + Modern Home Decor:  Three equals One Talavera Pottery Strategy's Spring, and, let's face it.

We all need a little "something" to brighten the home (and our spirits) up as we head towards glorious doses of sunshine and longer days.

You might hesitate to throw color into your super-modern, white-on-white decor, but - guess what?  A dash of color against a cool backdrop is a visually pleasing, mood-lifting warm-against-cool that can be the bolt of pizazz your ultra-fab environs are missing.

The key is a three-fold strategy, all centered on the concept of "one."

1. ONE significant piece

2.  ONE area only

3.  One design (no clutter of multiple design throughout your living area)

What this does:

1. Captures the eye

2.  Provides a central "highlight" in the home

3.  Creates drama

4.  Provides mood uplifting visuals without clutter


So, don't be shy.  Dazzle your home with a spot of color.  And, if you want to go all in on the idea, select something with a story.  The Talavera pottery is a favorite, as it features literally centuries of history and culture.  You can read more about that here:  A Beautiful History.

The design we've featured here is our Flores pattern, created by the famous Santa Rosa Mayolica studios of Mexico.  At 13" generous inches, and only $84.95, it's one of the most affordable ways to add original artisan design to your home we can think of.

So - enjoy Spring.  Enjoy that sunshine and enjoy the power of selective color in your fabulous modern-meets-artisan home.

Rustica Gift Talavera Majolica Mayolica Mexican pottery large platter Flores collection

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