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Rustica Talavera Pottery Pages: A Delicious Monday

March 27, 2017

Rustica Talavera Pottery Pages:  A Delicious Monday

Mondays can be a little tough.  Back to work, and Mondays seem to be the day that extra chores and must-do's appear (at least in this household!).

So, takeout food can make sense.  But, bear with me, I think you, me, all of us, deserve so much more than fast food, stale grocery deli selections, or something from a box.

That's why I'm going to let you in on my little secret.  I put some color and deliciousness to my weekday start by visiting the local tienda.  Tiendas are those small, family-owned grocers in most cities that offer Mexican food specialties.  The one by our house has a meat counter, and the fresh poultry, pork and beef selections can be found pre-marinated and ready to flash-cook.

Mmmmm....for less than the cost of a carb-heavy pizza, my sweetie and i are enjoying lean carnitas or carne asada, a dash of cabbage, cheese and hot sauce, and life is...delicioso.

Of course, vibrant, spicy foods, even when they're quick and easy to prepare, get an extra dose of pizazz when served up on one of our fabulous hand-crafted Talavera pottery plates and placesettings from our very own Rustica Gift & Pottery.

For our quick-and-easy Monday fiesta feast, I picked out one of my favorites:  Rustica's Talavera pottery place-setting from our Dibujo Collection.

Talavera Pottery Rustica Gift Monday Dinner Blog Mexican dinnerware plates

PS - we also popped in our gorgeous  platter from the Amapola Collection, because, why wouldn't you? ;-) 

Rustica Gift Talavera Pottery Amapola Collection Mexican platters and dinnerware

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