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What's on Your Plate for 2017?

January 03, 2017

What's on Your Plate for 2017?

Bring on the Grace and Gusto

Since we must eat to live, we might as well do it with both grace and gusto.

-M.K. Fisher

Ah, indeed.  Ms. Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher was an American food writer from the early 1900’s, and she was a lady who knew something about gusto – up to and including the founding of the Napa Valley Wine Library.

The key here, of course, is she chose a very different path than most ladies of her period, and she carved a place in history for the gourmands of the world with her writing, appreciation of food, and grand spirit.

This seems like a pretty swell time to be talking about the inimitable Miz MKF, as our new year is here.  And with it, an unset table ripe with delicious life possibilities.

Let’s set aside the usual conversation about resolutions, weight loss, career success, getting along with the family and politics; let’s talk about something much more appetizing instead.

Let’s talk about living life, in Mary’s words, with grace and gusto.  So, of course, we must start this conversation at the table.

It’s at the table that we'll discover rewarding conversations, start or grow friendships, nourish hearts and souls, and sometimes…have a pretty amazing meal.

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So hey, let's bring color and life to our worlds, through food, and simple, inviting gatherings with people we may love.  Or, even more possibility-ridden, folks we haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know yet. 

A new friend, and new adventure, is just around the corner every time you open your home and hospitality.  A delicious idea, am I right?

Let's break bread together with people familiar and new.  Whether it’s a simple cup of coffee and a biscotti at the local coffee shop, or dinner for twenty, with a gloriously mis-matched set of tableware (ahem, see above), let's forge ahead!

Spoiler alert:  my sweet, long-suffering husband is an amazing cook, so I have some help here.  But, there’s no rule that says take-out or a three-ingredient or less recipe can’t fill the bill!

Let's set a bright table, break some bread together, and start something new:  conversation, tastes, friendships,  ideas.  That's a pretty savory way to start a new year!

Artisan living beautiful talavera pottery evokes Italian pottery Rustica Gift blog Jan 2017

So, saludos and buen provecho to you, my friend.  I wish you a year of color, taste, fun and friendship – and may it start around one of the best spots anyone could hope to be at – your family table.






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