Aguacate Talavera Pottery

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The Aguacate Talavera Collection 

The name of this collection of beautiful Talavera pottery and tableware is Aguacate, Spanish for avocado; but we think you'll simply call it something you must have. 

The stylized pattern and richly traditional colors make this collection a timeless yet unique design. 

Luscious, creamy, richly-colored; are we talking about the delectably delicious avocado, or are we discussing its Talavera pottery namesake, the Aguacate line of pottery, tableware and home decor?  Have a taste of this beautiful, hand-made pottery, and decide for yourself.

The Aguacate Talavera pottery collection features an intensely-colored, dramatically-stylized avocado motif against a vivid background. 

About La Corona Original Talavera

Some artisans produce pottery; others create legend. So it is with every piece of La Corona Talavera, designed by hand under the watchful eye of studio founder and Talavera Maestro Cayetano Corona Gaspariano. Designated one of the Grand Maestros del Arte Popular Mexicano, Don Gaspariano’s studio is the only one in the region to have earned Mexico’s prestigious, Denominación de Origen de la Talavera, awarded to only nine studios in the world in recognition of quality, use of indigenous materials and classic designs true to its 16th century heritage. Every piece you purchase is hand-created, featuring original artisan painting, and using indigenous, natural clays and mineral pigments. It is durable, lead-free, dish-washer safe, and signed by the studio artisan.

  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Lead-free
  • Hand-painted, glazed and shaped
  • Awarded the Denominación de Origen de la Talavera designation of authenticity
  • Indigenous clay, color and 400 years of design tradition
  • Designed by a Grand Maestro of popularttraditional Mexican artwork
  • Every piece an original, expect slight variations