Talavera Majolica Soup Tureens & Servingware

Rustica Gift & Pottery Talavera and Majolica collection of soup tureens and servingware

 Rustica Gift & Pottery Tureen & Servingware Collection

If you're looking for a show-stopping gift or centerpiece for your table, your search ends here.  Rustica Gift & Pottery's collection of handcrafted, artisan-painted soup tureens are beautifully stunning pieces of usable art.

Fill it with a freshly-made cioppino, a hearty chili or even a cool gazpacho; your guests will be wowed.  Filled with flowers, or simply on display, this artisan beauty is an extraordinary addition to your home, and a cherished heirloom gift for someone special.

Want to learn more about the artisans who create these masterpieces?  Read here for more details.