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Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Artisan Majolica, Talavera Pottery & Pewter

April 01, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Ideas:  Artisan Majolica, Talavera Pottery & Pewter

Moms.  We all have one, and that's where the similarities begin and end.  Some of you are moms yourself, and some, have had the privilege of having a "pair and a spare," amazing women who came into our lives and gave so much, for whatever reason.

All told, there are 11 federally-recognized holidays in the U.S; 15 if you count those "day after" ones like the day after New Year's Eve or Thanksgiving.  Yet, it's Mother's Day that inspires reflection, response and reaction from so many of us - perhaps more than any other, it can be an emotional time.

For those of us who have the gift of a mother who is still with us, and that we owe a debt of gratitude to, it can be difficult to find the right way to honor Mom.  And here's where I am going to be completely blunt, even as the owner of this small artisan handcraft gallery.  It's not the dollars you spend on your mom that matters, its the time and love you share.

Is it fun to buy her something?  Send flowers, candy, or even one of our amazingly gorgeous hand-crafted serving pieces?  Yes, of course.  But, here's a secret:

Mom's like gifts, they love the time with you even more.

Yep, she may love one of our stunningly beautiful soup tureens, but what will really make her smile is if she gets to see you at her door, gift in hand.  Heck, if dollars are tight, skip that gift and just give her the present of yourself.

Because when it comes to serving up happiness, a big helping of you and your time will warm your mom's heart.

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